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Atlanta Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Have you ever had “Black Water” coming up through your tub/shower drains or toilet? As unpleasant as this problem is…Plumbing and Mechanical offers a full line of sewer services – such as sewer line repair, sewer line replacement and sewer line cleaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call our Atlanta office at (404) 418-8126.

Broken sewer lines can be caused by collapsing pipes, soil settlement, and especially tree roots. The tree roots crawl their way into the sewer line eventually cracking it. Clogged sewer lines are typically caused by grease, foreign objects in the line or again tree roots in the line. Hydro jetting the sewer line clears & cleans the line to a like new condition, restoring proper flow. Sewer line replacement options are the trench method (usually a backhoe machine is needed for excavation) or the Directional Bore method (which goes under your lawn to save your landscaping)

Warning signs of a clogged main sewer line:

  • Excessive debris back up
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your toilet
  • Slow drainage of shower, kitchen, and bathroom drains

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Sewer locating services pinpoints the direction and depth of your sewer pipe. In order to pinpoint the problem, Plumbing MCI uses video cameras to see the inside of the main sewer line. This allows us to inspect the condition of underground piping and locate any leaks or ruptures in your plumbing or sewer lines while avoiding any unnecessary excavation to your property. Call Plumbing MCI today at (678) 964-6528 to learn more about our sewer line repair services or to schedule an on-site estimate.



All of our plumbers are certified and highly experienced professionals, we fully background check all plumbers.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Main water line busted? We have plumbers near you available 24/7, it’s good to know that our 24/7-water line repair service is available whenever you need it.

Affordable Fair Prices

Affordable Fair Prices

Our prices are fair and upfront. We offer estimates, and let you know if something has changed. No hidden fees!

Common causes of blocked or cracked sewer lines

  • Tree Roots that invade pipes in the joints
  • Frozen ground or shifting soil
  • Build up of grease or foreign objects in the pipe can eventually cause the pipe to crack.
  • Corrosion in the pipe or breaks in the pipe seals.

Tree Roots - Even if the area directly above your sewer line is free of trees, roots from a neighboring yard could be the cause of your sewer problem. (They can grow into the pipes and cause holes and blockages or they may wrap around your sewer line and crush it.)

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines - If your Atlanta-area home is older, your sewer backup could be caused by broken, cracked or collapsed lines. Although plastic sewer lines have now become the norm, older homes were built using cast iron and clay piping that can break down over time and create sewer problems.

What Causes Sewer Backups

  • Don't use your toilet as a waste basket - Flushing facial tissues, napkins, diapers and other waste down your toilet creates clogs.
  • Use your garbage disposal intelligently - Avoid dumping large quantities of anything down your garbage disposal that can become lodged within your sewer line.
  • Don't pour grease down your drain - Grease and fat, although liquid when poured down your drain, can harden within your plumbing, collecting debris and creating a stubborn clog.

While floods are probably best known for causing extensive water damage to homes and businesses, they can also cause sewage from sanitary sewer lines to back up into houses through drain pipes. These backups not only cause damage that is difficult and expensive to repair, but also create health hazards.

Who's Responsible for Pipeline Repairs?

Where does ownership divide along water and sewer service pipelines? It’s not at the property line or the curb, as many people assume.

Water: The property owner is responsible for the service pipeline between the house and the water meter, which is usually located in the front yard, close to the sidewalk. "The Water Company" is responsible for the pipe between the meter and the public supply line (main) and for the meter.

Sewer: The property owner is responsible for the service pipeline between the house and the sewer main, which is usually located in the center of the street. The Sewer Company is responsible for the sewer main that carries the wastewater from individual residences to the plant for treatment.

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Trust your sewer line to the plumbing experts at Plumbing and Mechanical Consultants. Plumbing and Mechanical Consultants is the leading provider of sewer clean out, repair, replacement and sewer line locating services in Atlanta, Tucker, GA, Brookhaven, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Suwanee, Snellville, Grayson, Decatur, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Lithonia, Chamblee, Doraville, Clarkston, Avondale Estates, Pine Lake, Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Duluth, Buford, Dacula, Lilburn, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Roswell, Peachtree Corners, Braselton, Auburn, GA, Berkeley Lake, Mountain Park, Centerville, GA, Rest Haven, Lenox, Midtown, Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Surrounding Counties Cobb County, Gwinnett County, DeKalb County, and Fulton County. Simply fill out the service form or please call us at (678) 964-6528.

Sewer Line Replacement

Do you think you have polybutylene piping?
If your home was built between the late 70's and mid 90's you might have polybutylene. This piping was once thought to be the miracle piping. However, long term use of polybutylene turned out to be otherwise. Polybutylene is highly susceptible to degradation and fractures causing water leaks, burst pipes, home flooding, and extreme damage. If your home has polybutylene, it should be replaced immediately.

Are your pipes consistently sprouting leaks?
After 15 years, building become more and more susceptible to forming leaks caused be degradation of the water lines from daily wear & tear to being chemically treated for clogs. Many people don't realize that the drain cleaners sold in super markets eat the lining of pipes and wear them down over time. If your home is sprouting a new leak every year or so, it's time to have your water line replaced.

Do you have a burst water line?
Water lines burst when a clog has formed and pressure forces the water to exit the pipe or when a hair line fracture gives way. If your waterline has burst, the damage will be catastrophic and the line will have to be replaced. This is why we always recommend keeping an eye out for the warning signs of a water leak.